“I have a sick amusement in watching people get worked up and annoyed,” Christa said.

Her friend, confused, “What? Why?”

She laughed and put her hand on her widening mouth.

“I don’t- why are you telling me this now? What are you doing?”

Christa, the woman with the sick amusement, looked red and one could see her face stretching into thin white seams, holding in a tremendous laughter.

“You always do this. God, it’s so annoy-”

Suddenly Christa lurched the upper half of her body over her hips and howled a laugh that ricocheted all throughout the empty train station and down into the sleeping city. It felt like a massive snowball careening down a blinding white mountain inside her. She felt its cold roll, turning over, growing in size as it collected all her icy pain and stress.

“Train 3 departing,” a robotic woman’s voice sounded from above them.

“Fucking hell, Christa! We missed our train!”

But Christa could not hear a thing. She keeled over, her hands on her knees and growled with laughter as if vomiting it all across the train station’s black floor. It felt so warm to spit it everywhere like a broken sprinkler. She slumped on the floor in a tightened ball. She writhed, shriveled like a dried fish on land and through her bloody tears the structures around blurred dark red. She felt her mouth open in a painful smile, a burning giant sun, spewing laughter like solar flares in heaving hollow breaths.

After a while in painful amusement, she saw everything was dark and she felt the noiseless scream fly up and away from her crippled body. It’s so annoying, she thought, how I can never control my laughter.


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