can you see it?

And it flies, it flies
Away. Another’s window.
Quick. Can you see it?


pt. 1



      1. Oh and by the way, what I meant there was that I can’t see the flying thing in the photo(assuming there is one). It wasn’t a comment on the poem. No, the haiku was very good actually – it capturs a moment and leaves the reader to fill in the gaps. Sorry I didn’t comment on the poem – that was a bit ignorant on my part – 7 second memory etc. Maybe I got over excited at the photo comment and spewed it out without thinking!


      2. Ahhhh – I couldn’t help it – I had to go back and enlarge it again. My best guess is about a quarter way down the windo just left of centre, there is something that looks a bit out of place to maybe that is the passing bird. Ah of course that’s the point – it makes perfect sense now! I can be a bit slow with these things 😉

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      3. Haha! Not only that but the image is upside down. Also, there was a a post prior called “bird outside my window.” The two go hand in hand. But you’re right in this image it’s around that area.

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