Poetic Pause (a sonnet)


Silently screaming, slowly straining my
Soul. Tears of loss, fears of thoughts, steers to Cross.
Pleading pleas repeatedly. “Please reply!”
Silence precedes, death ties my noose in knots.
The rope, his claws, I let them grip my skin.
Chokingly, brokenly I run from fate,
From life, loss, love. I’m not magnificent.
I loved them too much, too little, too late.
Follow my sentence, I need your presence.
Hold my defense against sense in suspense.
Your light, your laugh, lifts my lopsided brain.
Sans you I sink slowly in sea, insane.
My heart rips as I poetically pause.
For with love comes death, writing is the cause.


I recently posted this sonnet to Short Fiction Break one of the main reasons I haven’t posted much lately here on poetrydivided. At Short Fiction Break, primarily a site of short stories, we started up a poetry section at the beginning of 2016 where we share a poem every other Sunday. I’d like to apologize to those who follow me regularly for not notifying you of this slight change. Also, I’d like to thank those who leave a like or comment. The releasing of each poem I write helps me through tough times and your acknowledgement that it affected you in some kind of way gives me reason to keep putting it up for everyone to read.

Check out Short Fiction Break if you’re interested in taking a break from the busyness of life to read a short story or if you’ve written some of your own short stories we accept guest submissions. Also come to check out the Poetic Pause section. I will most likely post whatever I post there to poetrydivided but Poetic Pause sees it first.



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