Ocean of Thoughts


Ocean of thoughts,
Puddle of sleep.
Laying awake in bed as I weep.
Took it too far now it’s the devil’s turn
To take my soul for his keep.

Will I ever sleep?
Only time will tell.
As long as I’m awake,
I’m trapped in hell.

Ocean of thoughts,
My brainwaves crash.
Lost at sea and I cannot see,
Except for the occasional lightning flash.

Puddle of sleep like one in the summer,
Like sweat sewn on the side of a street.
Evaporating to the sun by the hour,
Evaporating into a flame of heat.

In bed my body is turning.
In hell my soul is burning.
If only this puddle was a bit more deep,
I could put out the fire
And get some sleep.


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